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The first-class infusion center for provider-directed medical infusions and patient-directed wellness infusions.

AguaVivir offers a broad selection of infusion and injection therapies for patients in need of cutting-edge biologic treatments. No patient can benefit from a biologic medicine, though, if they can’t access it.

AguaVivir removes barriers to treatment for your patients by reducing the complexity of prior authorizations, accelerating prescription ordering, and speedily completing financial assistance programs.

AguaVivir removes the barriers to care associated with biologic drugs, allowing referring doctors to focus on their patient. As an extension of your team, AguaVivir enhances medical results and delivers an exceptional patient experience. Referring patients to AguaVivir is easy.

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 Click on a medication below to fill out our electronic order form, then print and fax your order to us. 

Don’t forget to include your patient demographics, insurance info, patient history, and chart notes.
We do all preauthorizations, patient scheduling, and send confirmation of treatment.

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