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The human brain is the most complicated organ in the body. This three-pound organ is the seat of intelligence, a sense translator, a movement originator, and a behavior controller. The brain is the source of all the attributes that constitute our humanity, lying in its bone shell and cleansed by protecting fluid. The brain is the human body’s crown gem.

Scientists and philosophers have been captivated by the brain for ages, but they have regarded it as practically unfathomable until lately. The brain is now beginning to reveal its mysteries. Because of the rapid rate of study in neurological and behavioral science, as well as the development of new research tools, scientists have learnt more about the brain in the last ten years than in all prior centuries.

Still, there is much that is unknown.

Some studies have demonstrated that taurine, folic acid, B12, and ALA may enhance brain health and improve cognitive function.

What’s In It?

The Brainstorm Drip includes taurine, folic acid, B12, and Alpha-Lipoic Acid.

What Does It Do?

L-Taurine is vital for heart and brain health. It promotes nerve growth and calms the nervous system, lowering blood pressure. Taurine, a free amino acid, inhibits important aging processes in the brain and cardiovascular systems, according to literature reviewed by Dr. Gary Gonzalez, an Integrative Medicine physician. Taurine has been shown in studies to stimulate new brain cell creation and connections, potentially restoring youthful brain function in the elderly.

Folic Acid is essential for healthy metabolism, brain and nervous system function, and hormone production. Folic Acid helps the body produce and maintain new cells.

B12 boosts energy and mood, regulates metabolism, is involved in the production of neurotransmitters, and aids weight loss.

ALA has strong antioxidant properties. ALA is helpful in reducing inflammation and skin aging, promoting healthy nerve function, lowering risk factors for heart disease, and possibly slowing the progression of disorders relating to memory loss.

How Does It Work?

The infusion works by boosting the blood concentration of numerous critical vitamins and minerals over what can be achieved by taking them orally—a notion known as bioavailability.

When nutrients are administered intravenously, the levels of vitamins in the bloodstream are momentarily boosted, directing the nutrients to the mitochondria, where they are active. This momentary increase regularly “kick-starts” the cells, allowing them to create energy more effectively.

Recommended Banger to Add to Your Brainstorm Drip

You know your body and specific goals best, so you may customize any of the Drips with additional vitamins and minerals–aka Bangers. Agua Vivir offers 12 Bangers. It is recommended to add no more than two to three Bangers to a Drip.

B-5 or Pantothenic Acid is important for energy production and metabolism. It plays an important role in making new blood cells, turning macronutrients into energy, and in maintaining the nervous system, eye health, skin health, and liver health.

B-6 or Pyridoxine is also important for energy metabolism and also for keeping a healthy brain. Pyridoxine has the potential to reduce symptoms of depression, and to regulate hormone production (like serotonin).

Recommended Boosters For Brain Health

Rushed for time but want to potentially enhance cognitive function? Boosters– or intramuscular (IM) shots– are the answer!

Be Well, B-12 is essential for human survival. Its benefits include improved mood, energy level, memory, skin and hair, digestion, heart function, adrenal fatigue, and so much more. It is known that over 70% of vegetarians and 90% of vegans are B-12 deficient. Since B-12 does not occur in any plant foods, vegans and vegetarians may want to consider this shot option.

Folic Acid and Taurine can also be delivered as a Booster.

Let it flow...